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Alfons De Cuyper

Alfons De Cuyper

Leuven 1887 - Gent 1950

Alfons De Cuyper enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. In 1910 he received the Grand Prix of the city of Ghent. In 1913, De Cuyper ended second in a contest for the ‘Prix de Rome’. At the beginning of his painting career in 1913, De Cuyper took a study tour in Italy. Ghent appealed to him because of its picturesque nature. His art evokes the impressionist romantic-dramatic cityscapes of Albert Baertsoen with identical romantic attitude, thereby emphasizing the calmness and tranquility. De Cuyper admired the work of Baertsoen. In the 1940s De Cuyper also had a preference for using scenes in his artwork in which the gold radiance of the harvest and the vibrant sunlight reflect on the farmers, chariots and horses.

He had his studio in ‘Het Pand’ in Ghent. In 1924 Alfons De Cuyper was appointed as teacher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.