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Frans Gailliard

Frans Gailliard

(Brussel 1861- St. Gillis 1932)

Frans Gailliard can be placed among the masters of Luminism

alongside Emile Claus and Théo Van Rysselberghe.

Early on in his career, Gailliard’s works were exhibited internationally,

including in Paris, Venice, London and Barcelona. It

was thanks to these experiences that he developed an intense

friendship with Renoir. Fascinated by Renoir’s work, Gailliard

departed from the Brussels academic style and adopted Impressionism.

Gailliard was fond of depicting human beings in

very ordinary scenes, such as here on a fine spring day around

the swing. The texture of the paint and the technique help to

further reinforce the effect of a joyful spring day. Thanks to his

fine touch, the light seems to shine through the trees. And the

green, blue and warm pink tones give the entire painting a certain

glow, one that everyone will recognise as being that of the

first days of spring. The brush strokes are so fine that it could

easily be said that this work announces the beginning of ‘Divisionism’.

On the other side of the canvas appears the address where

Gailliard was living at the time. From an art historical point of

view this is a very important location, given that he opened his

house to artists such as James Ensor and Félicien Rops. Very

important friendships would be formed there.

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