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Frans Van Leemputten

Frans Van Leemputten

Werchter 1850 - Antwerpen 1914

Frans Van Leemputten is the second son of a family of artists who settled in Sint-Joost-ten-Node in 1852. They moved to Jette in 1872. Van Leemputten took evening classes at the Academy in Brussels, where he is encouraged to work directly from nature. With only this short education it’s safe to say that Van Leemputten was self-taught. 

In 1872 he made his debut at the Brussels Salon. In 1891 he was appointed to the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In this period he mostly painted anecdotal scenes of everyday life in the Campine. Throughout his career, his views start in a dreary key but gradually evolve to a brighter palette. Frans Van Leemputten is described as a realist painter and watercolourist of Campine and Brabant landscapes, figures and animals.