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Isidore Verheyden

Isidore Verheyden

Antwerpen 1846 - Elsene 1905

Isidore Verheyden was already enrolled in the Academy of Brussels at the age of eleven. Verheyden didn’t want to specialize in one single painting style. He was a good portraitist, figure painter, landscape and marine painter.

As an exhibitor, he debuted around 1866. His work was characterised by a gloomy realistic style. He soon came in contact with the members of the Société Libre des Beaux-Arts, an association of realist painters which was founded in 1868. 

Hoeilaart, a community south of Brussels, was an important ‘stage’ in his life. In the 1880s he painted a lot of landscapes with the Soignes Forest and the countryside south of Brussels as the main topic. Verheydens unbridled passion for the beauty of nature was reflected there. In 1883 Verheyden moved to Brussels. At that time Brussels had a very vibrant and fascinating art scene.

In 1900 Verheyden was appointed the first teacher “to nature” at the Brussels Academy. In 1904 he was appointed for a period of three years as director of this institution. Verheyden belonged to the second generation of realist painters in Belgium. He debuted with work in a gloomy realistic atmosphere. Gradually there was growing attention to light and impressionistic experiments.