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Paul Mathieu

Paul Mathieu

Gent 1872 - Brussels 1932

Paul Mathieu was a painter and watercolourist. He is known for his luminist and post-impressionist landscapes, city views, harbour views, interiors and still-lifes He was educated at the “Ecole Normale d’Art” in Brussels. He learned the craft of drawing and wood working. His first works were still-lifes and landscapes with a monotonous air. But from 1896 he devoted his landscapes with more panache. As a real ‘pleinairist’, none of his works contain persons. He believed they would only divert the attention of the topics covered. 

Mathieu loved to work in the Campine and at the Belgian coast. He was accepted at the Brussels Salon in 1893. He was a teacher at the Academy of Brussels from 1896 until his death in 1932. He joined the Brussels art circle “Le Sillon”. Le Sillon was an artistic movement at the Academy of Brussels which opposed any -ism, also impressionism and pointillism. The movement called it “dead art.”